Trezor wallet users receive phishing emails allegedly from manufacturer


Experts at blockchain security agency SlowMist have received information about a large number of complaints from Trezor wallet users who claim to receive phishing emails allegedly from the manufacturer.

The report says that all ETH services were suspended due to high network traffic, and then restored after the ETH validator was reloaded. It is further recommended that you manually update your wallets. The email contains a link, which is likely a phishing site.

The sender's address is similar but not identical to Trezor's official website. Consequently, they advise customers to be vigilant and not fall for spam. 

This type of attack suggests that Trezor has had customer data compromised, an unfortunately common occurrence in the industry.

It was recently reported that fraudsters had sent out notices that Trezor had leaked information. So in February, Trezor warned its customers not to open any emails related to this issue. Moreover, someone had purchased a Trezor wallet with malicious firmware. On the surface, it looked fine and the wallet was sold by a legitimate seller. However, instead of the original microchip, an unauthorised microchip was installed, which caused the buyer to eventually lose 1.33 billion BTC.

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