Oasis platform recovered $140m thanks to 'white hackers'


Thanks to "white hackers", the decentralised Oasis platform was able to recover a significant amount of money seized by cybercriminals during the Wormhole bridge attack. This bridge provided a network between Solana and various other well-known blockchains, such as Ethereum. The damage caused by the attack was estimated at $325 million.

The creators of Oasis Protocol claim to have recovered $140 million with the help of "white hackers". This was done by transferring money back into their accounts. Dave Olsen, president and director of Jump Trading Group, said that they were working with both public and private organisations to combat criminal activity. He also added that there is enough technology to track such criminals and that they are actively involved in this fight.

According to analyst company Chainalysis, the cryptocurrency industry faced the highest number of hacks in 2022, as a result of which $3.8 billion was lost.

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