Test version of Ethereum cryptocurrency's EigenLayer retracking protocol released


On April 6, the EigenLayer restacking protocol for Ethereum (ETH) was introduced in a test version.

EigenLayer offers a decentralised financial service specifically designed for node operators and validators of the ETH network. This protocol provides a number of features that allow: to block Ethereum after the launch of Shapella; to use liquid staking tokens, such as Lido (stETH), to generate revenue; to transfer funds to staking for transaction verification rewards on various digital currency blockchains.

The EigenLayer trials are divided into three stages. First, the developers will examine the software for miners, then for node operators, and finally they will test how well the software related to verification of cryptocurrency transfers works. The ultimate goal is to create a trading platform based on EigenLayer, where customers can buy processing power and pay validators.

To evaluate EigenLayer, one needs to go to their website, attach a wallet with digital assets and follow the instructions. A finished version of this system is planned to be presented at the end of 2023.

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