Alo Yoga offers free NFTs for physical customers


Alo Yoga, one of America's best-known clothing suppliers, has joined forces with fintech company MoonPay to offer customers an exciting new offer - free NFTs!

These collectibles will be available in all physical stores nationwide, and when visiting them, customers will find an NFC terminal labeled "Tap for Awareness". When they bring their device to the NFC chip, they will be taken to a website where they can purchase a free daily NFT. The free daily NFTs are stored in the Ethereum blockchain, and MoonPay's mining system is convenient for new investors.

Alo yoga, the popular Los Angeles-based yoga clothing and accessories company founded in 2007, now allows its customers to join the world of Web3 in an understandable way. The company has 19 physical stores in many US states and serves thousands of customers.

"We don't use Web3. Rather, we are giving our community the opportunity to experience digital ownership in an accessible atmosphere," said Angelique Wendett, Head of Global Marketing at Alo Yoga.

This year, Alo Yoga launched its first NFT collection, Digital Twins, with free coins. Alo Yoga makes it easy and fast for anyone, regardless of age or education, to enter the realm of NFT.

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