Police Service of Canada warned the public about cryptocurrency scammers


The Calgary (Canada) Police Service has warned the public about cryptocurrency scammers posing as law enforcement officers and demanding payment in bitcoins.

Cases have been reported in which the perpetrator posed as a family member of the victim who was allegedly detained and then demanded bitcoins to pay for legal fees or bail. In some cases, thousands of dollars were requested.

Police have warned the public not to rush to give money to a stranger. Scammers usually create false phone numbers to avoid raising doubts. They pose as employees willing to help recover lost money through a third-party "cyber agency" for an additional fee. Moreover, they use intimidating and aggressive methods to get money quickly.

It is advisable to ask law enforcement officers for proof of their identity. For example, ask to see a badge number or police ID card and then verify this information by calling your local police station.

It was recently reported that two teenagers stole $4 million worth of bitcoins and ethers from a US citizen. The extortionists posed as Coinbase customer service representatives.

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